Supported Models


The Harbormaster architecture is a Model Driven Architecture and as such requires a model to generate a project. The model should capture:

    • The name of each important thing found in the requirements:
      Employee, Account, Company, Order, Product, etc...
    • The data attributes for each thing:
       first_name, last_name, ssn, dob, etc...
    • Enumerated types that encapsulate a group of like data:
      VolumeLevel : High, Medium, Low
    • The parent name for a thing with a parent that represents an “is-a” relationship:
      PlasmaTV is-a TV
    • All relationships between things. These relationships can be in one direction (uni-directional) or in both directions (bi-directional) and have varying multiplicity:
      1-to-1, 1-to-Many, Many-to-1, and Many-to-Many

Supported Model Formats

Type extension example details purpose
YAML yaml, .yml Link Link
Refactor New App
JSON json Link Link
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Eclipse Modeling Framework emf Link Link
Refactor New App
UML uml Link Link
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XMI xmi Link Link
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SQL Script sql Link Link
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(Plain Old Java Objects)
jar, war N/A Link
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Git Repository git Link Link
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What To Consider

Primary Keys

In a model, it is best to exclude a primary key attribute. Harbormaster will auto-generate a primary key attribute and name it using the format {className}Id. If you create a primary key field, you should follow this naming convention so Harbormaster will detect it.

Compound Primary Keys

It is best NOT to use compound primary keys. Harbormaster has been designed to handle compound keys but the level of complexity it introduces does not normally warrant their usage. There is no guarantee each supported tech stack will effectively accommodate a compound primary key. Therefore, it is suggested to avoid them.

Model File Extension

It is important the name of a model file have the appropriate extension so Harbormaster can deduce its type. Each supported model type and expected extension is detailed above.