Success Stories

Global Top 20 Improves Its EA Organizational Impact

  • Struggled with implementing and maintaining EA standards, guidelines, and messaging relative to application development
  • Difficulty introducing and enforcing supported technology stacks
  • No easy way to ensure corporate coding standards and design patterns were leverage
  • Accelerated reuse of application services and assets
  • Managed the proliferation of 3rd party and libraries
  • Guided development efforts with consistent project creation
  • Managed the introduction of new languages, frameworks, and toolkits
  • Injected enterprise-level architecture principles into each project
  • Owned the entire platform, making it easier to extend for their needs

Anteon Deliver For FEMA and DOE; Aqcuired By General Dynamics

  • Competitive landscape for US government contractors is very cutthroat, with tight margins, strict guidelines, and rigid delivery schedules
  • Anteon needed an automation platform to help reduce application delivery costs and timeframes
  • Needed to maintain application functionality and code quality to the highest architecture standards
  • A new platform needed to look familiar, be fully functional, and easy to extend
  • Initially assimilated the platform into developing internal applications
  • Eventually introduced the cost and time saving benefits into its government bidding process
  • The platform provided a clear advantage over its competitors
  • Instrumental in helping secure large multi-million, multi-year contracts

Trigent Software wins multi-year engagement with ETS, world's largest private nonprofit educational testing and assessment organization

  • Apps and skill set predominately C/C++ on native Windows
  • Needed a paradigm shift to Java/J2EE
  • Tight timetables for system delivery due to school year requirements
  • Established Websphere environment definitions and deployments
  • Instituted modeling discipline into requirements-gathering and definition process
  • Executed a successful Windows-to-App Server migration

Leading global software provider uses platform to create projects to integrate into its partner platform

  • Low technical competency for target techstack
  • Initial attempt into large-scale portal integration of complex apps
  • Needed to leverage central technology to institutionalize EA principles and standards
  • Drastic reduction in original pre-platform estimated delivery time
  • Increased reusable technical assets
  • Simplified dissemination of corporate standards
  • Symantec Core Services group adopted platform

Project creation platform gives partner ISW the edge over IBM to re-architect eBay-US for eBay- China

  • The eBay (USA) application architecture evaluated and deemed inadequate for eBay China plans
  • Determined scalability was insufficient
  • Lack of framework-like structure exposed limited reusable core services
  • Tight coupling between presentation, business, and data tiers further hindered reuse
  • Rigidity in coding complicated ability to extend existing code base
  • Provided training to Chinese SI partner to assist with the build-out of eBay China
  • Chosen as the subject matter expert for project architecture oversight
  • Used generated outcomes to educate staff on sound design and development principle

Major European university created an accredited class based on Harbormaster technology and methodology.

  • University professor desired to offer an accredited course teaching Java framework and application generation principles
  • No technology source existed to assist professors in teaching students architecture principles and design patterns
  • Lecture code examples lacked depth to fully express how best to create core integrated application services/li>
  • Reworked documentation to assist in achieving university accredidation
  • College course successfully created and offered at the university
  • Students gained real world insight into effective application solutioning and problem solving