Project Generation As A Service

This is the most cost effective way to start and deliver a project.

It has been observed on average to save 6+ man weeks! Check out how much is generated.

It all takes place fairly quickly with just a few steps.

1. The Model

Provide a model representation of your requirements. If you don't have a model , don't worry, we can help.

2. The Tech Stack

Choose from nearly a dozen tech stacks including Spring Boot, Go, Angular, Axon, DJango, Ruby On Rails, etc..

3. Project Options

Standard options such as application name, port, git details, docker details, author, email, company name, etc..

We take this input and perform the following:


Make sure the model is well formed and project options are provided correctly


Generate all project related files including source code, configuration files, CI YAML, and more

Build & Test

Using the provided CI target platform, ensure everything that is generated builds and runs successfully through a default test scenario


Build a Docker image containing the generated app and push to a repository

How To Use The Service

Single Use

See how project generation best fits into your delivery process

Block of 10

Reduce costs even further over our single use offering.


An unlimited # of projects generated over a 12 month period.

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