Only Pay For What You Use

The industries most cost effective way to start a project

Don't Start Writing Yet!
Generate Then Innovate

For about the cost of one (1) developer hour get 1,000s of lines of project code you need and can immediately use to save weeks of dev time!!

Reference apps authored by industry SMEs
Open source and vendor specific reference apps
Domain model driven so no throw away code
Save weeks to months of dev time
Nearly an MVP in minutes!!

$5.00 / block (1 block = 1,000 lines of code)

Free for the first 10 blocks per generation session using any Harbormaster authored reference app.
Earn money as publisher

Publish your reference apps and each time they are used get paid!!
Total lines of code will vary based on the reference applicaton selected and the size of your domain model

Jumpstart DevOps with project generation

$5 / block
(1 block = 1,000 generated lines of code)

More features, more flexibility

Managed or OnPrem

Compare Plans

Developer Enterprise
Price & Fees
Monthly or Annual Fee
Cost per generated 1,000 LOC $5.00 (Your Model)
Free (Harbormaster Model)
Access & Controls
App In browser Shared SaaS Isolated (Managed or OnPrem)
API Access Via Command Line Interface
Admin privleges
SSH Access
Integrated domain model loading or creation ✔;
Manage generation history
Publish custom reference apps Earn $$ when used by others
Model reverse engineering
Auto commit generated project to Git repo
Community Support ✔;
Weekday email support
Reference app review 2 hours annually 8 hours annually

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a block?

A block refers to 1,000 lines of code or LOC.

How is cost calculated?

You are only charged when you download an archive file containing the generated files. It is easier to explain cost calculation using a few examples.
Generation Scenario Calculation Description cost
Using a Harbormaster domain model Any generation scenario that uses a Harbormaster domain model is considered for testing purposes only Free of charge
Using your own domain model with a Harbormaster reference app The 1st 10,000 lines of code are not included in the LOC calculation Examples:

When Total LOC=8,000
Final LOC=(8,000 - 10,000 Free) LOC
Final LOC < 0 = Free of charge (No Cost)

When Total LOC=25,000
Final LOC=(25,000 - 10,000 Free) = 15,000 LOC
15,000 LOC = 15 Blocks
15 Blocks x $5 per Block = $75
Using your domain model with a any published non-Harbormaster reference app (including your own) Each LOC is applied to the calculation at a rate of $5 per 1,000 LOC or $0.001 per LOC Examples:

When Total LOC=8,000
Final LOC=8,000 LOC
8,000 LOC = 8 Blocks
8 Blocks x $5 per Block = $40

When Total LOC=50,000
Final LOC=50,000 LOC
50,000 LOC = 50 Blocks
50 Blocks x $1 per Block = $250

When am I charged for what I generate?

You are only charged when you download an archive (ZIP) file that contains the files generated for a generation session. You will only be charged the first time you download a single archive file. Subsequent downloads of the same archive file will not incur a charge.

Can I review the code before downloading it?

Yes. You can use Harbormaster to preview the files within any generation session before committing to download the related archive (ZIP file).

As a reference app publisher, how am I paid?

Once your reference app has been validated by Harbormaster, you can assign it public access. When a developer chooses to use your reference app to generate a project, the developer will be charged only when they choose to download the resulting project files. Upon download, Harbormaster marks the related generation/build as downloaded. Nightly, Harbormaster's billing system executes each new daily download. Once the transaction is successful and fulfilled (paid), our billing system will pay you using your debit card on file.

As a reference app publisher, how is what I am paid calculated?

Please refer to the cost calculation above to see how Harbormaster determines cost. As stated in the EULA you will be paid 75% of the total charged with Harbormaster receiving the remaining 25%.