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The is the base tech stack for all Nutanix related tech stacks.  Such tech stacks create projects that either leverage Nutanix services, resources, or are destined to be deployed on Nutanix.
Note: This tech stack should be derived from and never used directly during a project generation session.


Access Public
Derived From>
Long Name Base Nutanix Tech Stack
Short Name
Language(s) XML, Velocity Macros
Git Url


Option Name description Type values
inUse Whether in use or not boolean default:false
userName User name required to login to a AHV instance input
password Password required to login to a AHV instance input
endpoint IP address of an AHV instance or cluster. input
insecure EC2 instance type boolean default:true
port Port # to AHV instance or cluster input
clusterId Id of AHV cluster input
email Email address input
vmUserName User name of virtual machine input
vmPassword Password of virtual machine input
vmHost Host IP of virtual machine input
vmOS Operating system of virtual machine select default:linux
  • linux
  • windows(not-yet-supported)