Create Refactoring Momentum


Time has proven not all apps are the same when it comes to migration. In many enterprises, their most important applications require significant refactoring to take advantage of cloud technology, DevOps, modern frameworks, and more. This entails 100s of applications.

Although there is no magic bullet, Harbormaster has a platform and a prescriptive methodology to help any enterprise create positive momentum in refactoring their most critical applications.

PhaseDescriptionEnd Result
Momentum Creation

Identify applications with the following qualities:

  • No-to-low business disruption if online
  • Acceptable as-is functionality
  • Small user base
  • Create confidence to refactor higher level apps
  • Lessons learned, documented with refinements
  • Examples for higher risk like-kind apps
  • Reusable services for subsequent apps
  • Centralized app transformation is institutionalized and standardized
  • Build a foundation of core capabilities
  • Infuse corporate standards into DevOps
Central Group Definition

Apps in this category include:

  • Obsoleting vendor technology or vendor support
  • Few knowledgeable resources
  • Minimal dependency tree
  • Doing more with less
  • Technical debt decrease
  • An automated factory-like process is in place
  • Centralized group and its usage are mature
  • Safe introduction to new tech stacks
  • Establish a highly automated mechanism
  • Most precious apps are modernized
  • Lower operating costs