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Platform Feature Matrix

** Professional is billed annually
Community Professional Team Lead Enterprise
Cost Free

Reference Applications
Access to all Harbormaster reference applications
Author and publish your own reference applications
Domain Models
Integrated domain model creation
Load an exsiting domain model from file
Reverse engineer model from SQL script or POJOs
Project Management
Can create/edit/delete projects
Generate a project for any available reference app and domainmodel
View and manage generation history
Auto commit generated project to Git
Generate a project using a reference app you published
Access and Controls
Access to all public reference apps and models
To maximizie security projects are kept private
Can assign domain models as private
Available as an isolated Harbormaster instance
Flexible and programmatic platform access via a Command Line Interface for
Admin privleges for user management, etc...
Cost Free

Which Subscription Best Meets Your Needs?

Everything you upload and share can safely be made available to and used by the entire community.

  • You would prefer to keep certain domain models private and not shared with the community.

  • You have reference applications you wish to use on Harbormaster to make your project starts automated
  • You need full access control over your reference apps

You require the additional security of using an isolated instance with full adminstration privleges.  We can manage it or the platform can be installed within your data center.

Your tech stack, your choice

Harbormaster reference applications support a wide variety of today's popular languages, frameworks, platforms, and technologies

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Accelerating project delivery with the speed and predictablity an agile organization requires

Predictable Outcomes

  • Author and publish custom reference applications
  • Embed architecture artifacts, standards, design patterns, and more
  • Extend Harbormaster reference apps
  • Leverage any domain model as a common metamodel
  • Publish to Harbormaster for reuse

Capture Business Context

  • Capture project requirements
  • Independent of a target tech stack
  • Publish to Harbormaster for reuse
  • Supports a variety of model formats

Declarative Project Starts

  • Simple feature instrumentation
  • Leverage any reference app by name
  • Leverage any domain model by name
  • Easy declaration of project parameters
  • Generate fully functional apps
  • Focus on innovative coding sooner

Reference Applications Are
An Untapped Resource

When on Harbormaster, watch them get reused

Reference Application - ... Such applications are used to provide executable examples of best practices, for a particular platform, component set, or other technology
You built a world-class reference application but nobody knows about it or at most it is serving as documentation to guide developers.

Transform your reference apps from examples to reusable model driven assets to get all the value and usage you deserve.