Harbormaster Marketplace


The Harbormaster Marketplace is the one place where you can finally make money on your ability to create reusable design assets.  If you are the type who creates frameworks, code snippets, scripts, or configurations, then this is the place for you.  

This is more than repository to dump files.  The market place only contains design assets that can be reused project generation.  No other platform in the world has this ability because Harbormaster has the built-in ability to dynamically share the context of a user with a design asset at project generation time.  Templatizing an asset is fairly simple and straightforward, and once completed your design will be available for the entire community to leverage for their projects.

A design asset comes in 1 of 3 forms:

  • A templatized tech stack
  • A templatized resource
  • A reusable model

You set the price during publishing of a design asset.  Importantly, other developers will be able to take advantage of your expertise while you set the price


How It Works

Tech Stack

Learn more about the Harbormaster Metamodel.
Learn more about templatizing.

Resource File 

A resource file is any file that can be reused in the context of processing a project.  This includes project generation, compiling, testing, containerizing, etc…

An example of a resource file could be a Dockerfile.  Suppose you have one that performs a great deal things that would be helpful to others.  This includes handling creating and starting a database instance, or any other thing others recognize are normally difficult to do.

Here is an example of a templatized Dockerfile from the Harbormaster Go tech stack. Use it as a quick reference to see how easy it will be to the same with your resource files.

Learn more about the Harbormaster Metamodel.
Learn more about templatizing.


A model does not require any modifications in order to be published to the marketplace. However, In order to be of value to others, a model should capture the core of a domain.  A domain could be a shopping cart, order entry system , quote system, etc… Really the sky is the limit.

A model can be published using the model_publish command via the Harbormaster CLI 

Learn more about the support model types.