Harbormaster Docs

Welcome to the Harbormaster documentation. Harbormaster is the preferred platform for starting new DevOps projects, for both new applications and refactoring existing applications.


How the documentation is organized

Quickstart Guide – Use this guide to quickly get started using Harbormaster.

Harbormaster Architecture – This document describes the Harbormaster architecture at a high level.

Installing Harbormaster – Contains steps to install the different versions of Harbormaster.

Using Harbormaster – Contains concepts surrounding using Harbormaster.

Harbormaster Commands – Set of commands available via the Harbormaster command-line-interface (CLI)

Topics of Interest

One of the most powerful features of Harbormaster is its use of reference applications.  Harbormaster has authored a set of reusable reference application to help you get started generating projects immediately.  If you require a different reference application, you are also able to author, publish, and re-use your own refernce applications.  The end result is what Harbormaster terms a techstack package.

Creating a Techstack Package – Instructions on how to turn a reference application reusable techstack package. Once published to a Harbormaster instance, you can generate projects with it.

How to Templatize a File – To create a techstack package from your own reference application, you likely have files that need to be templatized.  Follow these instructions to make sure your techstack package is reusable for any published domain model.