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Which cloud provider hosts the platform?

The platform as a SaaS runs on AWS but has been tested on Azure and GCP. The platform runs in a load balanced EC2 environment, each using a Docker container with a remote connection to a MySQL instance for better resiliency.

Can Harbormaster be deployed within our firewall?

Yes. Either stand alone as a WAR file running on Apache Tomcat or in a Docker container.

Is Harbormaster a No Code or Low Code platform?

It is not. Each serves a purpose that Harbormaster and we are delighted to serve an area of automation in way none of them can. Each of those platforms makes an assumption that it knows what your outcome should be. Although that is fine for a certain kind of circumstance, it falls short for all others. It is impossible to imagine an enterprise running all of its business based on apps that originated from No Code or Low Code. On the otherhand, it is easy to envision business apps that are the result of approved domain models and reference applications.

Reference Application

Why is Harbormaster reference application centric?

>A reference application is often the very best example an engineer has to represent the usage of technology stack components, language constructs, design patterns, and architecture standards. In this way,anybody can write or repurpose an application of any kind so long as it is faceted with code generation directives. This will guarantee the reference application is devoid of model assumptions.

What is meant by a model driven reusable refernce application

Can only Harbormaster develop Reference Applications for its platform?

No at all! In fact, Harbormaster recognizes there are an infinite cobination are architect artifacts, patterns, and standards with an equal nuumber of technology combinations. As archiects and authors of the platform, it makes sense that we develop reusable architects. We publish new ones quarterly based either our needs as a solution provider or in recognization of a popular tec stack

I have a reference application. Can I use it with Harbormaster?

Yes. This aspect is crucial, allowing you to determine what kinds of project and application outcomes you need. Read more...

Are any specials skills required to templatize a reference application?

Not really. If you have the skill to create a reference application, templatizing it will be much easier. We use Apache Velocity as the template engine with support for Apache Freemarker coming eventually. Read more...

How long should it take to modify my reference application?

Depending on the size of the reference application, anywhere from less than a week to two weeks.

Why do you make a distinction between a project vs an app?

Harbormaster makes this distinction in hopes to explain what we generate is substantially more than an application's code. Although code is part of it, build, CI, config, and other files are normally included. These files

Is a tech stack the same as a reference application

Yes and no. In practice, a tech stack is a notion of a collection of complimetary technologies. Often it is more conceptual than actual. Likewise, in practice a reference application has a technology stack. Harbormaster uses the terms interchangeably, with a more recent bias towards reference application.

What is the difference between a typical reference application and a Harbormater reference application

A reference application outside of Harbormaster is almost always one authored with a single domain in mind. It not only encapsulates the targeted technologies and language(s), it introduces a single context to help further explains its value.

Within Harbormaster, a reference application is reusable for any domain. This is accomplished by templatizing an existing approved reference application. Templatizing is the process of introducing additional programmatic (generation) logic for any file. Often, the logic introduced makes use of one or more model components and/or project defined properties.

Is it possible to control where each file is generated to?

Yes. Each reference application has full control over the directory structure and location for each file generated. Learn more if you are considering integrating your own reference application.

Domain Model

What kinds of model formats are supported

Here is a list.

Which model format is recommended?

Within a service engagement where we use the platform ourselves, we favor YAML because of the speed, structure, and simplicity. it offers

I have a model from an previously developed application. Can I use it?

Harbormaster supports UML/XMI for refactoring an application from an older tech stack ontol a new one.

What is meant by model-driven reference application?

Project Generation

Do I need a domain model to use Harbormaster

The domain model allows you to describe the importanting things within a business problem. This description is loaded then supplied to a reusable (templatized) reference application. THe result is a project (application, et al.) based on the supplied reference applcation and blended with model content.

Do i need a Git repo?

No. You can download a generated project as a Zip file from the UI.

Do I need a Docker repo?

No. But if you have one, you can enable it within Harbormaster so any resulting CI file will contain instructions on build and pushing a Docker image representing the generated project.

Which CI platforms are supported?

Most poplar ones including Jenkins, Travis, CircleCI, Codeship, AWS Codebuild, Azure Pipelines, and more.

Is it possible to change a published reference application

Yes. As an Enterprise subscriber there are 2 options.

  1. It is possible to download a reference app as a Zip file, make changes or additions to it then publish it back to Harbormaster under a different name.
  2. From the CLI, you can publish resources then reference a resource within a project declaration. A resource is any file you would like to be included as part of your generated project. A resource file can be any kind of file. It can optionally be templatized. Declared resources are processed last during project generation just in case a resource is being used in place of an existing one found in the tech stack.

Why does Harbormaster say project generation instead of code generation

Command Line Interface

Is the CLI available for all Subscription Plans

No. Only for Enterprise.

How do I get and install the CLI

Install inst ructions are here. CLI access is only available as an Enterprise level subscriber.


What is the basic design of the UI?

The UI is a mix of Javascript, HTML5, CSS, JQuery and Bootstrap...along with a host of 3rd party Javascript libraries. The combination makes for a single pane responsive experience.

What is the best way to get the most out of the UI

Does it run properly in any browser?


Am I able to upgrade or download my subscription?

Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?

What can an I do as an evaluator?

How long is my evaluation?

Does an Enterprise subscription include an isolated Harbormaster instance?

Yes it does! We deploy the same Aamzon AMI we built and use for the shared SaaS instance. This means there is no shared infrastructure, processing, or data repository.