Delivery On Axon

Axon is a popular framework for writing Java applications following DDD, event sourcing, and CQRS principles. While especially useful in a microservices context, Axon provides great value in building structured monoliths, that can be broken down into microservices when needed.

As a cetified partner, Harbormaster has extending our project instantiation platform tech stack support to include the Axon Framework/Server/EE.

There is no faster way to stand-up an event driven monoliths or microservices than using Harbormaster with Axon

Follow this link to see an example of how much functionality Harbormaster creates from a single domain model.

Proven Methodologies

Real world solutions to todays most important microservice design patterns

Certified Professionals

Trained architects and developers to guarantee the best design and delivery for Axon Framework/Server/EE.

4 Phases To Successful Project Delivery

1. Event Modeling

Sessions used to guide the discovery and description of key events, entities, data, and more.

2. Model Development

Event and domain models serve to capture the important aspects of CQRS based microservices to feed into the project generation

3. Project Generation

We use our project generation platform to save weeks to months of time by creating the core capabilities for any Axon based project

4. Innovation Sprints

With so much foundation already generated, subsequence sprint cycles mainly focus on the innovative parts of the project

Why We Deliver Axon Projects Faster For Less!!