Stack Name -


The is the base tech stack for all Harbormaster authored tech stacks.  If a new tech stack is created, deriving from this tech stack should be considered although it is not mandatory.
Note: This tech stack should be derived from and never used directly during a project generation session.


Access Public
Derived From N/A
Long Name Base COmmonTech Stack
Short Name
Language(s) YAML, XML, Velocity Macros
Git Url


Option Name description Type values
inUse App name boolean
access-key AWS Access Key input
secret-key AWS Secret Key input
vpc Default VPC to leverage for Terraform, etc… input
ec2-instance-type EC2 default instance type when one is required to be created for deployment, etc.. input default: t2.small
region AWS Regions select
version initial version input default: 1.0.0
package name prefix to use for languages that use packaging (Java, etc…) input
platform Vendor platform to generate the necessary YAML file(s) to execute on a pipeline select default: circleci
  • codeship
  • circleci
  • jfrog.pipelines
  • jenkins
  • azure
  • aws
  • gitlab
  • bitbucket
  • github
AES key CodeShip AES key value input
ssh-fingerprint SSH Fingerprint for CircleCI input
available A comma delimited list of previously published resources to include during project generation input