Standup industry specific fully operational model-driven blockchain apps
Blockchain Enablement

The Blockchain Instantiator comes with a set of pre-built dynamic reference applications that contains all the best practices and design patterns once would expect when building an enterprise grade blockchain application.

Each pre-built dynamic refernce application will focus on a single industry to guarantee you get the maximum lift. Initially, target industries include:

  • Banking
  • Fintech
  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • Fintech

With it, the CQRS Instantiator handles creating the 10s of 1000s of lines of code and configuration for you so you can immediately focus on delivering the innovative capabilities your application requires.

Effortlessly Leverage Today's Best Blockchain Frameworks

Blockchain development is not easy and although there are quite a few great frameworks to build upon, thre is still considerable learning and work to do. This is exactly why organizations look to Harbormaster.

Our blockchain dynamic refrence apps are built on top of the best select frameworks. This gives your generated project more functionality and lift from the start.

Conceptual Architecture With r3's Corda

Harbormaster generates fully functional CorDapps including everything from RESTful SpringBoot APIs to Corda workflows, contracts, states, and node network configuration. Review generated CorDapp in GitHub

Blockchain Initializer Roadmap

Our initial blockchain ISV focus is on r3's Corda and Conclave platforms with Hyperledger and Ethereum to start in Q4 of 2022