Stack Name - Angular11 MongoDB


This tech stack derives all the benefits of its parent (Angular7 MongoDB) but overrides and includes anything that is specific to Angular11.


Access Public
Derived From
Long Name Angular11 MongoDB
Short Name Angular11
Language(s) Javascript, Typescript, YAML, XML, Velocity Macros
Git Url
Example Project YAML


Along with what is supported by the parent  tech stack (, the following are additional supported capabilities:
  • Build:
    • A set of macros containing Angular 8 specifics which override CI/CD defaults found in the parent tech stack. These come in to play during the generation of a vendor specific CI/CD YAML file.
  • Angular Files:
    • The set of Angular files required to create a fully functional Angular 11 compliant web application complete with a presentation tier, backend tier, and persistence tier.¬† These files either override those found in the parent stack (Angular7 MongoDB) or are in addition to.


See the usage section within the Angular7 tech stack documentation.