Harbormaster uses AI to be the best way to create or refactor an app

Why Harbormaster?

Automating the Automation

Harbormaster generates fully operational DevOps projects.

Today, Harbormaster uses Applied Intelligence. The next major release will use Natural Language Processing then Machine Learning to bring Artificial Intelligence to DevOps project creation.

Say goodbye to ‘Hello World’ and generate the stuff you need but prefer not to write.

Harbormaster refactors legacy apps onto new tech stacks

Using Project-as-Code, nothing goes from idea to container faster.

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Simply Declarative
A fully functional app and toolchain is a YAML file away
Multiple Tech Stacks
Spring, Angular, DJango, ASP.NET, AWS Lambda & more...
Model Driven
Generate an app based on your requirements
GIT Integration
Commits generated app, build, CI, Docker and Terraform files
Many CI Pipelines
CircleCI, Codeship, AWS, Azure, Jenkins, & more...
Artifact Repo
Stores components and build dependencies w/ JFrog & Nexus
Container Support
Optional Dockerfile and Kubernetes cluster config
AWS, Azure, Google, Nutanix, RedHat and OnPrem


Platform Install:

Use Docker to pull the Harbormaster image for a local install.  The image contains the latest version of  the Harbormaster platform.  

Command Line Interface:

Install the CLI version via NPM

It requires access to either a local Harbormaster install or the hosted SaaS version .  Access to the SaaS version requires a valid user account and token


Harbormaster is an open source project available on GitHub.  To modify or build the platform, download the project via GitHub Clone.


Forget installing and instead sign-up on the SaaS version for free usage of Harbormaster.